Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Report from the Streets --- Day 5/97

Walk: SPCA
Distance: 9 blocks and home yoga

So Ciwt took her first Lyft ride down to her play last night.  Black Honda, mercifully NO Pink Mustache.  Maybe they've discontinued that.  Her driver was from Brazil, has been in SF for 6 months, has been a SF Lyft driver 6 months.  Very nice guy but spoke almost no English and the car smelled of garlic, and Ciwt had to direct him to Union Square, which he appreciated.  We fumbled through getting the mission accomplished, she thanked her driver, he gave her an appreciative smile and they went their separate ways.

On the way home, she decided to take a regular cab.  She went to a hotel and, even there with doorman blowing his Taxi whistle, it took a while for one to show up.  When it did, she got in, noticed the car was comfortable, clean and odorless, gave the driver her address, then sat back while he went quickly and directly to it.  When she got out she thanked him and complimented him on the ride.  He responded by saying "I'm an old timer."  And Ciwt knew exactly what he meant.

PS - The price was the same for both rides - although the ride downtown was during regular commute hours and there was more traffic.

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