Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Untitled to Unable to Speak --- Day 5/103

Walk: New Apple Store (About which hardly enough good can be said.  Beautiful!), Post Street Galleries, Gagosian Gallery, SFMOMA
Distance: 3 miles

Mark Grotjahn, Untitled, 2004, o/c

Today Ciwt continued her efforts to dust off and update her knowledge of the contemporary and modern art museum and gallery scene. Since her time as an active art professional many artists have risen in popularity and price.  This is largely due to an influx of extremely monied international museums and collectors, many of whom are late to the modern scene and feel strong pressure to catch up.  One of those artists that was new to Ciwt today was Mark Grotjahn (b. 1968 and raised in the Bay Area).

She saw his painting above at SFMOMA, but she also saw others of his works at the new Gagosian Gallery SF branch.  And this means local boy Grotjahn must be doing very well indeed financially because Gagosian is the dealer who catapulted Jeff Koons among others to stardom.  As an example of what stardom looks like, Ciwt saw a smallish work on paper by Cy Twombly at Gagosian (one of the first in Gagosian's stable and an artist Ciwt likes) and inquired about the price.  Are you sitting down? $4.5 million!?!

This left Ciwt speechless.

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