Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tale of One Town --- Day 5/77

Walk: golf driving range, car mechanic, hood
Distance: 2 miles, hit golf balls, work out on those confounding machines

So imagine if you grew up in a lovely bay community. Not particularly wealthy but lots of lovely land, small nice houses and families who had known each other for decades.  And one year a tech company built a headquarters fifty miles away.  Ten years later the tech workers discovered all the wonderful benefits of your little bay community and started moving there.  They were all young and they began texting all their tech friends to come join them.   And the friends did.

Now the small winding roads had gotten very crowded.  There were traffic jams.  And there weren't enough small homey houses for all the young people who had arrived.  But the young people kept coming and looking at all the pretty parks land and getting furious!  "Why does this community have so much open land when We have nowhere to live?!  They need to get rid of the land,  build Up so We can be here!' they ranted.

And a few of the new ranters got articles published in big, far away city newspapers about how unfair the little bay town was being to them. The newspapers who published these newcomer ranters were in the business of selling papers and knew nothing about the realities of the bay community.  The publishers knew nothing about the small roads, the lack of public transportation, the very limited and fragile land, and even more limited water supply.  And they certainly didn't know about the lifestyle of the families who had known each other for decades because those families could not afford to live in their lovely bay community any longer.

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