Friday, September 16, 2016

Cats At Home --- Day 5/209

Walk: No, Playing Dr. Vet with Callie
Distance: 0, Long Yoga Practice (partly to recover)

Image result for at home cat vet visit

No more dreaded cat carrier for Miss Callie.  Ciwt has decided to graduate her to at home vet house calls.  So far, so good - at least when Callie is getting soft and relaxing looking acupuncture and cold laser treatments along with lots of petting.  But then there are those procedures Ciwt doesn't usually see when Callie is whisked away to 'the technicians in back' and she waits in the lobby reading or surfing on her iPhone until Callie is brought back out to her.  Ciwt has now assisted with some of those procedures where clinics don't want the owner present and thinks 'good thinking on their part.'

But still 'at home' is a nice luxury for both Ciwt and Callie - even if their mutual exchequer might be a bit shocked at the end of the month.

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