Saturday, September 24, 2016

Child in Charge --- Day 5/217

Walk: No
Distance: Home Yoga

Image result for Raising dogs on a country estate 

Today Ciwt flashed on her childhood goals of living in the country, writing mystery novels and raising dogs.  "Well, never too late," she thought.  So she started surfing the net.

First article up was 10 Smart Survival Strategies for the Woman Living Alone (in the country), and Ciwt dove right in.  1. Be extra vigilant with home security, 2. Learn to use a weapon, 3. Take a women's self-defense class, 4. Learn to use tools....  Enough already.

The second article talked about country realities like post offices closing right and left - along with fewer and fewer accesible food and medical options.  Then there were the articles about being careful about what you say, never making it obvious your house belongs to a woman alone, learning to change a tire, lack of transportation and gas stations, really, really peculiar neighbors - or absolutely none along with scary noises at night.

Where was the article about the bucolic, problem-free country estate bathed in sunshine and splendid solitude where the pleasures of Ciwt's own and her dogs' company was a constant delight?  Ciwt looked and looked but, didn't find it.

At least she didn't start by adopting a bunch of puppies....Image result for Raising dogs on a country estate

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