Saturday, September 10, 2016

Staying Flexible --- Day 5/203

Walk: No Thank You

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So, even with the most lovely art tour clients, here are things that can happen:

- Ciwt's computer can eat pre-tour itinerary emails so she has to hand carry itinerary downtown to clients' hotel.

- On the first day clients can arrive really early, try to get into the museum on their own, get temporary free passes because the museum doesn't quite know what to do with them, go upstairs to eat and call down to Ciwt who is waiting in the lobby with tickets at the agreed upon arrival time.

- At the end of the first day clients can tell Ciwt they would like to start an hour later the next day if that's okay with Ciwt's schedule...

- Clients can get so engaged, ask so many questions and make so many comments, that they go quite a bit over scheduled time both days.  That was Ciwt's call, actually;  she very much enjoyed their interest.

- Ciwt can get small sinus/(stress?) condition.  Ommm...

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