Sunday, September 25, 2016

Here, Take My Kleenex --- Day 5/218

Walk: Cinema Club (A Man Called Ove - Swedish, subtitled)
Distance: 2 miles 

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Ciwt's Cinema Club has begun its Fall 'Semester.'  Which means on seven Sunday mornings she goes to seven pre-release, high quality/usually foreign movies with several hundred other film buffs.  And, at the end of each movie, guided by a world-class moderator, she listens to (learned) audience members expressing their reactions/thoughts about the movie.

It also usually means  - especially if the movie is emotional - Ciwt has been quietly unmoved by aspects of the movie most members (who speak) loved.  Specifically, if one sad thing happens after another, Ciwt kind of checks out whereas the majority of the Cinema Club members (who speak) get deeply drawn in, passionate and Love the movie.

At first Ciwt found this disparity surprising, but, after ten or more 'semesters,' she knows what's coming.  She also knows - from speaking to just a few people -  if she expresses her (excellent!) thoughts, the emotion-loving people will get upset and censoring.  Emotions often 'trump'....

So, it was not surprising to Ciwt that today's mildly melodramatic movie won over the audience as did the international best-seller book it was based on.  But, what was nice for Ciwt, was that she liked the movie very much herself. This was largely because of the Superb! acting by the two leads - both of whom won Sweden's version of Best Actor and Actress Oscars.  AND a gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat who reminded her of her cat, Matisse.  (Awww, okay Ciwt does get drawn in to some emotions).

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