Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Coming Up Roses - Unfortunately --- Day 5/206

Walk: Up and Down Stairs (Tiredly)
Distance: 1/2 Mile and Small Yoga

Image result for fall asleep walking

It happens every year in early fall like clockwork, but Ciwt forgets.  For a few weeks she gets so tired she nearly falls asleep walking or doing yoga.  So she takes an anxious, annual (but she's forgotten)  trip to Dr. Internet: nervous exhaustion? (from what? since her life is pretty unnervous), depression? (even though she's happy), diet?, advanced old age (so soon?), or of course!! leukemia?.

Then she remembers!: Rose Fever, ie, sensitivity/allergies to fall pollens, and it will clear up in another week or so.  (she hopes....)Image result for dried rose

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