Sunday, September 18, 2016

Watch That Tee --- Day 5/211

Walk: No, Sunday details
Distance: 0, Long Home Yoga

So yesterday before her play, Ciwt stopped into the Apple flagship store for an age reality check .  Not only was she a bit older than the entire crowd, she was out of uniform.  Taking a look at one of the photos she took (mercifully with her iphone), you'll see that everyone - absolutely everyone except the poor misguided soul in the flowered shirt and a few others including Ciwt - is wearing a short-sleeved cotton tee, maybe with a hoodie. 
She also took a look-see at the newest Apple Watch .  She actually tried to take a workshop, but things kept breaking down with the presentation screen (hmmmm) and she had to run off to her play.  From the little she saw of it though and heard from current owners, it is seeming like (another) must-have item.

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