Monday, October 23, 2017

Dutch Treat --- Day 6/255

Walk: Mollie Stones
Distance: 18 Blocks, 2 Up/Down, 5 Exercise/Asana/Flexion

Johannes Vermeer, Lady Writing a Letter, @1665, oil on canvas, 1'6" x 1'4"

So, if it hadn't been for you know what*, Ciwt would have been boarding a plane for Washington, DC tomorrow, and the next day she would have been standing in in the Mall amidst the probable throngs waiting to get into the National Gallery to see Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting

This is the show's final stop.  It opened in Paris where the vast number of viewers was somehow unexpected and completely overwhelmed the guards at the Louvre.  Ciwt didn't read about the turnout at its next venue, the National Gallery of Dublin, but the fact that she who doesn't like to fly almost went, gives her some indication of how large it must have been. Ciwt was also one of the "Vermeerists" whose 'endless emails, calls and letters' were received by the National Gallery.  Probably we were all asking for the same thing: entrance tickets.

No, the National Gallery of Art belongs to the public.  Admission is free and the museum is open  every day except Christmas and New Years Day.  All are equal; unless you are a hugely important art personage Ciwt assumes, shows are first come-first served.  So the odds are very strong that Ciwt would have had a long wait - and may not have even gotten in at all.

The good news is that Virgin America gave her full credit when she cancelled her flight, so she will have an opportunity to fly back before the show closes.  Maybe by then the crowds will have thinned (?).  The other good news for CIWT readers is that Ciwt ordered the catalogue months ago, so she can give you some sense of the show from right here at home.

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