Saturday, October 14, 2017

On Balance --- Day 6/246

Walk:  No, Tired
Distance:  One Up/Down, 6 Exercise/Asana/Flexion sessions

This stylish, modern backpack is inspired by steamer luggage created by Louis Vuitton for cruise-ship passengers at the turn of the last century. Fashioned from precious ostrich leather, it’s a testament to the House’s extraordinary leather craftsmanship.


So, Ciwt's pt suggested that she use a backpack when carrying things instead of a bag that is distracting because it is always threaghtening to slide off shoulder.  Good idea for balance while walking, but Ciwt wonders about the totally off-balance way she has to twist and reach behind her and wrestle with getting the pack on and off.  Maybe the people who can balance their checkbooks after buying this practical LV backpack have a man servant to help them with the on/off part.

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