Sunday, October 22, 2017

Earth Please and Brilliant --- Day 6/254

Walk: Around Home; weekend
Distance: Block or two, Up/Down, 6 Exercixe/Asana/Fleion (so, @ an hour)

Angels in America (all 8), Twin Peaks: Return (2), Enlightenment (1), Westworld (1)...

Ciwt is now officially living in a dystopian world. She's trying to max out her TV catch up before her free one-week subscription ends.  So far all the 'Best' shows she has checked out have plots that depend on robots gone wild, undecipherable dreams, angels and other wordly creatures, time travel - in other words, things that don't interest Ciwt in the least.

Ciwt likes Human shows with psychological depth and real world surprises.  She likes/loves Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Wire, Mean Streets, Columbo, House, Dexter. Six Feet Under, Justified, Better Call Saul and many more.  Shows about brilliantly unpredictable people on earth.  When she dives back in to her trial bingeing hopefully she'll find some shows like those...

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