Monday, October 16, 2017

Why We Eat Our Wheaties --- Day 6/248

Walk:  Mollie Stones
Distance: 1.1 miles!, Shopped for own groceries!, 2 x up/down, 5 x exercise/asana/flexion

So today Ciwt's PT came to find her feeling discouraged/depressed after 5 weeks healing and keeping herself industriously entertained in her aerie.  He had had a prolonged back rehab himself, so he understood.  But!  he would not allow it.  'Does no good.'  'Besides you are way ahead of schedule.'

Then came the music to Ciwt's ears: "You are injured not disabled.  You have the strength of a 40 year old and the flexibility of a 20 year old.  Even though you are under doctor's orders to stay at home, you're smart and agile and you can go anywhere you want.  Just don't fall - which you won't if you pay attention."  In other words (against doctor's orders) he officially set Ciwt free with her cane to begin (cautiously) reentering the outside world. And saved her from the biggest threat of all: being cooped up and getting downhearted.

Since Ciwt is a woman of a certain age, her PT may have exaggerated a wee bit.  But that's okay with her because it perked her up and got her right down her 59 stairs and off on her first independent trip to a grocery store.

Now she might lift herself even higher with a more terrific story about her fall.  Instead of here:
She might begin telling people, the spectacular fall happened on an arduous hike here (with her fellow 20 yeard olds).

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