Saturday, January 27, 2018

36 Years is A Long Time to Wait --- Day 6/341

Walk: Hood and Beyond, SPCA
Distance: 3 miles, PT, Posture Stretches

One Star Jasmine Tendril Begins to Climb 

So, thrity-six years ago, even before Ciwt got her first Apple IIe with floppy discs, she made her first attempt at landscaping her deck.  To create a privacy screen at the end of the deck (and for the lovely smell) she chose a Star Jasmine vine.  Every few weeks she'd come out to monitor the vine's growth. And, indeed, it had grown - Sideways.  Then more sideways and sideways again.

Finally, when she had her IIe and her surfing career began, she looked up Jasmine and found that 
more than 200 types of jasmine exist with many different characteristics. many are climbing vines and others are short, spreading vines great for ground cover.

Happily Ciwt knew one of the gardeners at the park down the block and he transplanted her spreading jasmine beside one of the tennis courts. Ciwt has always enjoyed visiting her burgeoning vine, and today she looked at the fence and noticed that one of the tendrils has actually started to climb  - after 36 years! 

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