Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Appearances Count (for $) --- Day 6/345

Walk: PT, Pet Food Express, PGCC for bridge
Distance: 1 mile, PT

So the other day when Ciwt's knee doctor set her free, she felt like doing something to celebrate.  Plus she felt she was looking pretty wan after months of house arrest.  So she walked into the La Prairie counter at Neiman Marcus.  She knew it was an expensive line, but thought "It can't be that bad."  Wrong.  Without asking prices she bought one lipstick, one blusher and a tinted moisturizer.  Three items, total after taxes $218!!!

How can they get away with those prices, Ciwt wondered.  When she got home and opened her three
items, she got it.  Packaging.  Her lipstick ($55!) came in a shiny silver origami box with a drawstring felt pouch.  Not to be outdone, the blusher ($70) came in a silver and gold compact, lying in a special round zipper case all housed in a larger shiny silver origami box.  Basically Ciwt had bought some of tne cosmetics industries' most elaborate packaging - and Yippee for her excellent surgeon and knee healing progress.

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