Saturday, January 6, 2018

I, Perplexed --- Day 6/320

Walk: Kabuki Theater (I, Tonya)
Distance: 2 miles, All PT assignments

So Ciwt woke up today with great plans for learning her new car (read: computer), updating all car documents, emailing various people, fixing (as if!) her printer which has stopped printing, making an appointment with a realtor to see a property tomorrow, doing her PT and several other things.

She actually did the PT, made the appointment and a little computer stuff. Then she hit a 2018 wall.  No Callie, Perfect knee gone, Car friend gone, major financial person gone/needing to be replaced, friends with various conditions, people falling including her and now her dinner partner, Alex Trebek.  Too much change!!  Her whole being went frazzled then sort of blank.

So off to stare at the I,Tonya movie and give her saturated mind/being a chance to adjust and renew (or?).

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