Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Eras Big and Small --- Day /344

Walk:  Union Square, SFMOMA, Pet Stores
Distance:  2 miles and many Up/Down stairs

So Ciwt's knee doctor bid her a fond farewell today.  She's doing "amazingly well," and the rest of the healing is up to time (one year+/-) and her own home PT.  End of an era of sorts; feels kind of sad or something.

Then there is the beginning of a new cat era around Ciwt's home.  Today, after a quick cruise through the Rauschenberg show at SFMOMA and Walker Evans before it comes down, Ciwt did lengthly cruises through pet stores.  Buying and dragging up her stairs hundreds of dollars of food her cats will probably dismiss, cute beds they will walk past, and scratching posts they will likely (Damn!!) totally ignore.

Some eras aremore personal than others.

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