Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Posture Watchbird - Please --- Day 6/337

Walk: PT, SPCA
Distance: 1 mile, PT

Ciwt has been having strange little 'conditions' like shoulder and neck aches, digestion weirdnesses, prolonged lack of peppiness.  Low level but not usually like her.  She was just beginning to think, yup; old age, nothing to be done when she realized Posture!  After months of house arrest, lack of full daily yoga, doing her computer stuff in bed, using a cane Ciwt has developed Poor Posture.

From a childhood filled with admonitions to "Stand Up Straight," especially from her perfectly rigid grandmother, Ciwt got the impression good posture was about looking good - period.  But now she reads on one chiropractor's website "Poor Posture Increases Risk of Death by 44%."  Maybe self-serving in his case, but other websites talk about symptoms beyond the usual lower back, shoulder and neck pain.  Like depression, constipation, knee pain, poor circulation, stress.  And then here's a chilling report from Australia: A recent Australian study found that after the age of 25, every single hour of television—i.e., slouching on the couch—reduced the viewer’s life expectancy by 21.8 minutes. Plus, when English researchers cross-referenced sitting time with health outcomes in a different study, they found that those people who sat the most more than doubled their risk of developing diabetes and had a 147 % increase in their risk for cardiovascular disease, even if they exercised.

Yikes. As is often the case with that generation, grandmother's bromides were right on!  And Ciwt needs to go back to heeding them.  Now, Yes Maam!!

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