Saturday, January 13, 2018

Obstacles, The Tutorial--- Day 6/327

Walk:  Another Presidio Hike!😀
Distance: 3 miles, PT, Pedal

As she returns to hiking a part of Ciwt's mind is in "Be Careful" mode.  This is new for formerly intrepid Ciwt but probably normal for people recovering from injuries.

The "BC" voice is hyper aware of obstacles. There are two types : Natural, which it sizes up quickly and walks carefully around or through.
Leaves on Sidewalk

Then there are the Unnatural ones like mothers cooing over their babies as they race strollers down the street, dog walkers with multiple, unpredictable charges off leash, entire families in phalanx talking animately with each other, and, more and more often, even on Presidio hikes there is this one:
Person completely absorbed in his cell phone
This unnatural obstacle will literally walk right into you.  It almost happened to Ciwt three times
today.  As the last one came barreling toward her on a narrow path, she started clapping loudly just as he was about to hit her.  Luckily he heard at the last moment -  and looked up at her with disdain.  Probably because she interrupted his texting.  

Scary but apparently nothing like New York.  Ciwt has a friend there who has fairly compromised knees and back. She's terrified of going out onto the sidewalks and virtually clings to the sides of buildings as she goes along.  No need to explain:  mobs of people, walking a mile a minute, elbowing and jostling each other.  This has been so for decades, but now there are even more people and many of them are the dreaded unnatural cell phone obstacle.

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