Thursday, January 4, 2018

Time Comes --- Day 6/318

Walk: Hayes Auto, TJoe's
Distance: 3.5 miles, Major PT

Followers of Ciwt know she has remained 'a teenage boy' about cars.  To the limit her budget has allowed she has bought the most fun-to-drive, German cars she could afford.  There have been several BMW's, her present Audi and even a little Porsche once upon a time.  Always with stick shift, even though it has been increasingly difficult to find since she first started driving.

Today her completely honest mechanic advised her not to put more money into her Audi; if she fixes this, she'll soon need to fix that and so on. Unfortunately, he also recommended staying away from German cars.* This advice comes right when Ciwt had been doing her best to block out the fact that her knee really won't be up to pushing a clutch for at least a year 😒.

So, looks like a 'new' quality used car needs to be in Ciwt's near future.  Car search is daunting enough, but will she heed her good advice and get a non-German, automatic transmission?  If so, it will be the end of a Long era.

* He also suggested not owning a car at all.  With all the car sharing and renting companies as well as Lyft, etc., it makes sense in many ways.  But NOT to that teenage.

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