Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ring Story --- Day 6/325

Walk:  Day well spent with her tech expert on computers (office and car)
Distance: Up/Down with more skill x 3, Kind of forgot to exercise

A little of Ciwt and Susan Brooks* in front of a few of  Susan's magical little creations

So, among the other recent surprises/changes in Ciwt's life was the loss of her favorite ring.  She bought it from a Berkeley craftswoman/artist at least 25 years ago and wore it virtually every day since.  A simply designed gold band - quiet but with so much presence people would remark on it within minutes of saying hello.  Eg, she would go into a store, bank, movie theater, just about her business and someone would say "What a great ring!" or "Is there a story about that ring?" Something like that - consistently, for years.

No story except it was part of Ciwt and she was forlorn when it was gone.  (How is a mystery) . She decided to see if she could locate the artist on line.  This without optimism because staying in business is a challenge for artists everywhere and particularly Bay Artists as the cost of living, including studio prices increases nearly daily.

But there she was!!  Susan Brooks, Painter, Drawer and Hand Fabricator of jewelry!  Not only still in business but going strong and helping other artists along the way by organizing and promoting Berkeley Artisans Holiday Open Studios**.

And there were her rings.  Still handwrought with the 100 year old chasing tools and hammers Susan's father passed on to her when she started her jewelry career - and which give precious metals that incredible presence.

Now it's a ring story with a happy ending. Susan's art, jewelry and more studio is still in Berkeley, she is still making her traditional designs and Ciwt's ring is one of them.  So Ciwt was able to drive (her new car) to the studio, regale Susan with her ring stories, view Susan's expanded collection of creations, pat her on the back for her outstanding artistic and business skills - and buy a replacement ring which again will become part of her.  Let the comments begin.


**Berkeley Artisans Holiday Open Studios

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