Thursday, February 1, 2018

Lost and Found --- Day 6/346

Walk:  Forgot: So busy reentering the world and not getting lost in the East Bay
Distance: 0, except for a few PT exercises forgot workout as well

Susan Brooks, Objects of Desire and Mirth and Paintings Assemblage

Ciwt always considers herself fortunate when she gets home from the East Bay.  Direction challenged to begin with and then confronted with a wacky road system where roads randomly dead end and highways have off-ramps but no corresponding on-ramps, she always manages to get lost.  Luckily Ciwt's East Bay excursion today ended in Berkeley back at Susan Brooks' studio where she could let go of all her frustrations over getting lost again! by enjoying laughs at Susan's small "Objects of Desire and Mirth."    
Artist's hands and O of D&M

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