Sunday, February 25, 2018

'The Workshop' is Work --- Day 7/4

Walk: Cinema Club (L'Atelier or The Workshop), Japantown
Distance: 2.3 miles, Yoga

Somehow Ciwt never quite appreciates the Frenchiness of many French movies. Today's Cinema Club selection, The Workshop, was no exception.  It's a disjointed political commentary/ thriller/etc about today's disaffected (and more) French youth. It has good acting and many excellent scenes and  (spoiler alert) even a happyish ending, but there were too many blanks for Ciwt.  Probably they needed to be filled in with Frenchy/Camus/Existential sensibilities, but instead Ciwt looked at her watch or gave up striving for a connection and waited for the next scene. But the plot tension, cinematography and acting kept her in her seat, so she thinks 'Give it a try.' N'est Pas?

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