Sunday, February 4, 2018

What's the Opposite of Helicopter? --- Day 6/249

Walk: PGCC for Super Bowl
Distance: 2 miles, PT

Eagles fans stand in 5 degree snowy Minneapolis waiting to go in to watch their team win Super Bowl

Best Super Bowl Ciwt can remember.  Partly because it was a terrific game with lots of scoring and partly because she was in warm, sunny San Francisco watching it.  The gentlemen in the picture above are toasty compared with Ciwt and her friends waiting for the school bus in howling sub-zero blizzards.  Our parents were not the helicopter type.  Probably no Minnesota parents of Ciwt's vintage were.  If the bus was coming or chores needed to be done or they just wanted you out of the house, out you went no matter what the weather.  And, wonderously she thinks now, all the children survived.  

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