Saturday, February 3, 2018

Cats With No Names ----- Day 6/348

Walk: No, home staring at cats and hoping
Distance: 0, PT, Yoga, Pedal


Ciwt remembers one or two times in her life when she asked new parent's or pet owner's the name of their new arrival, and they answered "We haven't settled on a name yet."  Privately Ciwt thought this was absolutely preposterous.  But in the 'comes around/goes around' department, six days into it she's the one with nameless new companions.

You may have noticed her cats are virtually identical and at this point so are their nice personalities.  Anyway names would be useless because Ciwt still wouldn't know for sure which one she was looking at.  

She's thinking Tawny for one that (vaguely from the right angle) seems to have a bit more tan and Lady Grie or Argentee for the one that is more silver (if you really look).  The grey one is the hardest.  Unlike dogs, so far the cats don't particularly care, but at the beginning of the week the vet will care when Ciwt takes them in for their introductory appointment.

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