Sunday, May 12, 2019

Pre$tigue? No Thank You --- Day 8/48

Walk: No
Distance:  Housework (for ailing cleaning woman), Yoga, Pedal

Ciwt is thinking actual trips these days, so she's also thinking suitcases and the fact that lifting her luggage onto the overhead compartments is getting to be a bit, well, challenging.  The gorgeous and prestigious is probably still being carried by the young billionaires around here and the world (rather by their porters).  But Ciwt recently gave away her prietty and heavy Longchamps luggage in favor of the sturdiest and lightest weight, easiest to keep clean luggage she could find.  And she likes it!


Valextra Costa Suitcase (small) $7,950

Ari and Jacqueline Onassis each owned an entire set.  There is no information on weight, but the suitcase is made of brushed, inked, lacquered leather with molded steel frame so Ciwt images it is quite heavy.  Not that its owner would be the one carrying it.

The owners probably do carry the soft (calfskin) trolley bag ($2800 and also weighty) onto their private transports.  Both bags can be and probably are monogrammed.


Ciwt's soft (reinforced nylon) Lipault Paris Suitcase (4.9 lbs) and 'trolley' bag
(backpack actually.  1.7 lbs)   Ultralightweight easy to carry on and lift.  Oh, and under $350 for both.

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