Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Slow and The Fast --- Days 8/40 & 41

Walk: 1. No  (inside trying to finish book group book: Asymmetry) 2. Trader Joe's
Distance: 0, Long Pedal, Long Yoga, small weights   2. 2 miles, Pedal, small weights and yoga

The Slow:  An excellent book that reads medium fast.  But its cover photo puts Ciwt in mind of the boats that sail smoothly and gracefully around Central Park's Conservatory Water .

The Fast
The Sail GP boats, F50 catamarans, which race at speeds as high as 60 mph and are electrifying to watch.  They just finished the San Francisco Event, and, if you are in New York, the next event is coming to you June 21-22.  Don't worry if you know nothing about sailing; they have come up with a way to televise the races that is almost as amazing as the boats themselves.  You will be there, and it is thrilling!

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