Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Never a Bridesmaid --- Day 8/64

Walk: PGCC Exercise Class, SF Playhouse  (Significant Other)
Distance:  2 miles, 1 class

Laura (Rubio Qian), Jordan (Kyle Cameron), Vanessa (N-A Danielle), of the stellar cast members of  Significant Other

Two bridesmaids flank the distraught-because-he-isn't-a-bridesmaid Jordan above.  This is toward the end of the play, Significant Other, written by Joshua Harmon and playing (several years after New York) at SF Playhouse.  Pooooor Jordan, who is sympathetic at the beginning of the play but was given sooooo many words that Ciwt was nearly numb to caring about him at the end.  She still did, but probably would have even more if he had run his long, verbal riffs only at 'significant' moments.

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