Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Missed the Target --- Days 8/42 & 43

Walk: 1. AMC Kabuki (Long Shot)   2. Union Square
Distance: 1. 2 Miles, 2. 4.5 miles, medium yoga

So, Ciwt has been brain dead since seeing the absolutely gorgeous, Academy Award winning actress, Charlize Theron, paired with Seth Rogen who is neither of these things nor a creditable partner for her.  No matter how much the movie tried to make her root for them getting together, Ciwt just kept thinking "Eeewww, No!"  Also it was one of those movies there are more and more of these days where the dialogue relies heavily on the F word - for two hours.  No more explanation necessary for brain deadness.

It actually helped Ciwt get the dreaded Nails, Yawn chore done.  Finally when they start snagging on everything within 5 yards it can no longer be ignored.  Too bad Ciwt's cats don't get as bored as she does when they have their nails done. 

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