Saturday, May 25, 2019

Stampede --- Day 8/61

Walk: Trader Joe's type errands, AMC Kabuki (Booksmart)
Distance: 4.6 miles, small yoga

Booksmart is the stampede that is high school.  The insecuities, the unformedness, the cover ups.  The sexual total confusion.  The excitement, the energies that are way beyond what is actually necessary, the terrors, the constant unknown, the moral ambiguity.  All this while you are still living with your parents; that has to be factored in and handled.  All these keep coming at you.

Then comes Senior year when you will say goodbye to your true lifelong BFFs even though you might only see them once or twice in your whole lives after school.  But you don't know that now.  And you don't know the ways the world will play with your innocence and how other parts of you you don't know about yet will come forward to handle that.  There are signs of who might be successful out there, but no hints that it might not be who you think.

The plot of Booksmart is non-stop, often non-sensical, many of the gags bombed.  But it captures perfectly the exposed-heart vulnerability and personal nobility of high school where everyone holds their breath, makes it up in the moment, suffers for days after about how they came across - and then has to go right back to school for more   Ciwt loved it.

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