Monday, May 13, 2019

Stump and Spire --- Day 8/49

Walk: Monday Errands
Distance: 5 miles, yoga stretches

When Andy Goldsworthy first began creating his site specific sculptures, he was asked about maitenance programs to keep them in good repair. "None," was the Scotland-based English artist's reply.  He sees his works as just one surface layer on the many layers of the earth as it evolves and wants them to evolve (devolve actually) according to all the  unpredictable vissisitudes of man and nature.

Along those lines, on her walk today Ciwt noticed that someone has created a new 'viewing seat' to study, contemplate, enjoy, whatever Goldsworthy's Spire off to the left.  Who carved this chair, how long it will last, how many will occupy it and in what position, whether and when it will be destroyed by man or nature, these questions are now out there more or less side-by-side with Spire

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