Saturday, May 1, 2021

Day 10/1 --- Day 10/1

 Walk: Presidio

Distance:3.5 miles, Yoga

Hello, newborn CIWT 10.

Ten years ago Ciwt wasn't Ciwt yet and wasn't clear or particularly interested in what a blog was.  But a friend had sent her an entry written by someone's son-in-law, and politeness dictated that she read it and respond.

His blog subject was, yawn, his happy marriage with adorable children.   Yawn again.  But he happened to include a sentence which read "Writing every day changed my life."  This echoed similar reports Not-Yet-Ciwt had encountered over the years.  "Okay," she thought, "I'm ready for that life change.  I'll do it!"

So she became Ciwt and every day for a year, wherever she was, without fail, she made some entry, no matter how paltry, sometimes with no words even, just a photo. It actually - writing (or making an entry) - was quite challenging.

At the end of the year, she looked around.  No Prince Charming, no lottery winnings, same home, etc.  The only change she was aware of was that that blogging son-in-law had gotten a divorce.  "Oh well," she thought. "That's that."   

And that's when she noticed how her life had changed!  No way was she going to give up CIWT she realized.  CIWT had become a companion, quietly always with her - noticing things, wondering what to write or what to do if nothing came to mind, researching, daring her to put down something even if she throught it was terrible.  A friend, a mentor, an important presence.  And! during that year there had been comments from actual readers,  Imagine that, readers(??)!  

Without noticing it, CIWT had changed her.  CIWT 2 began.  

And now here are Ciwt, and appreciated readers wherever you are, on Day 1 of CIWT 10.  The journey continues.

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