Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Still Floating (Bella and Ciwt) --- Days 10/9, 10 & 11

Walk: 1. No  2. Presidio Wall Pickleball, Trader Joe's  3. Goldman Tennis Center, GG Park

Distance: 1. Yoga  2. 4 miles, 1 hour pickle  3. 2.5, 2 hours pickle

Marc Chagall, Romeo and Juliet, 1964, Lithograph

Have you ever wondered who that woman is that floats through so much of Marc Chagall's art?   

Meet Bella.  Chagall did in St. Petersburg in 1909 when he and Bella happened to be visiting friends. He was 22; she was 14, and their young love lasted beyond Bella's death in 1944 and in Marc's heart until he died in 1985.   

Chagall's vibrant, joyous colors and the continual airiness of his images suggest that that long love affair and marriage was blessed with near perfect harmony and dancing peace.  That goes to Chagall's masterful understanding of color and belies the fact that their relationship was called up to endure and rise above multiple and turmultuous events.

Ciwt will tell something of those tomorrow.

Marc Chagall, The Circus, ca 1954, lithograph

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