Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Almost There and Back --- Days 10/102, 103, 104

Walk: 1. Hood Open Houses 2. Emptying bookcases, file cabinets, ancient stuff 3. GG Park Pickleball, Goodwill to donate all those books from yesterday 

Distance: 2. 4 miles  2. 1 mile 3. 2 miles, 90 minutes pickle

Half the books off the shelves, file cabinets weeded out in office area, tech stuff secured, furniture out except for a table and couch Ciwt can't budge. So Ciwt's back room is almost ready for its first new carpet in 30+ years.  And Ciwt's brain is almost ready to sprong out after sifting through 30+ years of memories.  Many of her contemporaries know exactly what she is writing about here....

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