Friday, August 6, 2021

Please, No Purple Presents --- 10/92, 93 & 94

Walk:  1. de Young Museum  2. Marin Driving Day  3. Presidio Pickleball

Distance: 1. 2.5 miles, small yoga  2. .8 mile, small yoga  3. 2.5 miles, 90 minutes pickle, yoga stretch

So, tomorrow is Ciwt's birthday.  And she will not be wearing purple, unlike the Scottish poet Jenny Joseph who warned she would when she was 'of a certain age.'*  Ie, Old.   

Ciwt has never liked purple, particularly mauve.  It comes in on her puce channel which she detests

She may owe her actual existence to this purple repugnance. In ancient Byzantium the  Tyrian purple was proclaimed exclusive to the royals and ruled making, buying, wearing or even owning Tyrian purple a crime punishable by death. So the people with purple loving dna were endangered whereas those wth purple repugnance like Ciwt flourished. And a few are having birthdays tomorrow.


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