Friday, August 13, 2021

Understated No More --- Days 10/99 & 100

Walk: 1. GG Park Pickleball  2. Hood errands

Distance: 1. 1.3 miles, 2 hours pickle, small yoga   2.  3.5 miles, Yoga

So when it comes to artistic statements about women's uphill battle for 'a place at the table,' Ciwt is more inclined toward something like Viola Frey's huge (almost 9') ceramic sculpture of a power-that-be looking down on a woman's attempt to have her work entered in a museum collection : 

Viola Frey, Man Observing, 1984, glazed earthenware with steel plate

Or, going back a century, some of Mary Cassat's paintings of refined women 'having the audacity' to attend Paris cultural events independently. (See the man with his opera glass focused - probably disapprovingly - on the woman while she herself closely follows the performance on stage).

Mary Cassat, In the Loge, 1878, oil on canvas

But Ciwt's taste is way too tame and understated for many people these days. A show much more to their liking is about to open in San Francisco and a couple of Ciwt's art tour clients are coming to see it.  So, beginning next week Ciwt will be immersing herself (or trying to) in the ultra bold, FEMINIST art of the ultra energetic, strongly driven, Judy Chicago.   Hopefully her valued readers will join her.

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