Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Give Me Space --- Day 10/118

Walk: Golden Gate Park pickleball  

Distance: 1.8 miles, 90 minutes pickleball

Waiting for a Pickleball Court on Weekends

Welcome to Pickleball articles abound in newspapers and magazines these days.  And, yes, Pickleball can be a great game to play, giving people an oppportunity to exercise even with some minor physical limitations (or major years).  It also enhances social connectivity between peers and members of different age, gender and cultural groups, keeps people active with something to look forward to and avoiding isolation.  

However, to receive all those benefits, you need to get on a court, and limited court space is becoming a concern everywhere pickleball is played.  Ciwt wishes all those articles would mention this, maybe encourage the 'powers that be' to provide more pickleball courts in locations that are suitable for both players and non-players who don't want the noise or commotion that comes with this popular game.

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