Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crafty Sausy -- Day 61

Walk: R/T car-de Young for art history lecture, R/T garage, Corte Madera shopping Mall
Distance: 13 blocks and one hour clothes try-ons (takes energy)

Leaving San Francisco, you're pretty sure you're entering another world when you see Waldo Tunnel to Sausalito and beyond.

And you're right. Beginning after WW II, Sausalito has been an enclave for artists, artisans and craftspeople (who can still afford it) and the shops that serve them.

Bluebird Yarn is one of the cutest of these shops. You can get lost in the colors, patterns and soothing softness.

And looking at the beautiful craftspeople who shop here:

After a while you end up feeling as relaxed as this rabbit:

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