Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Sausy" Women, White Cars -- Day 54

Walk: R/T car de Young lecture, R/T Sacramento Street Optical Shop
Distance: 28 Blocks

In the amazing on-going saga of the cars that show up in front of my home, here is yesterday's adventure. I had finished my Lobos Creek hike and was sitting patiently (for me) waiting for the UPS truck to move so I could pull into the parking place she was blocking. Then I noticed what was going on: Behind the UPS truck was a white convertible, and the owner of it was taking a picture of the UPS driver with the driver's camera so she could have an image of herself in front of the car.

So then I joined the group and the car's owner took a pictures of (me) and the car:

Being a German car girl myself I still didn't know for sure what this car was that had brought the UPS driver's day to a screeching halt, so I went to the back. And it was:

That's right:

A Lamborghini.

And speaking of 'Sausy' women in white cars, my non-touring rock star friend used to drive around in the black soft-top model of this car. Yahoo!!!

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