Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still Here -- Day 73

Walk: Loop from home to Mindful Body to CPMC back home via Sacramento Street shops
Distance: 3 miles and teach yoga class

Had a pretty routine medical test today. It is something I do on a regular basis; nothing was suspected. Except by me that is. My list of suspects included any number of advanced terminal conditions - particularly the sneaky ones that have no particular symptoms or 'symptoms' that are just like the normal things that randomly come and go from our lives: indigestion, feeling full, etc.

Everything was absolutely fine - Yay! The technician and I were actually laughing about how we can scare ourselves to death by having some sort of 'symptom' and then going to the internet to research it. Of course everything turns out to be terminal. Maybe not right away but this is your tap on the shoulder. Now you know; it will get worse. Then a few days later miraculously the fatal symptom goes away.

The technician - age possibly 36 - had recently survived just such a 'miracle.' She's a nurse, right? Well, she discovered a rash, a small rash around her upper chest. In alarm she went to Dr. Internet to check it out. Leukemia!! Of course, a few days later it was gone. She says people in the medical field can actually be the worst with these self-diagnosis panics because they are aware of so many little known disorders and illnesses.

I'd like to think that next time I won't put myself through the anxiety. But, let's face it, I will. I am better though. I actually can give myself two weeks to see if things improve - and I really have learned a lot about staying away from Dr. Internet during those weeks.

So for now, not to worry, Can I Walk There will continue!!

Kind of blurry. Guess I was a bit shakey.

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