Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Painting Daffodils -- Day 79

Walk: Shortly will walk to Mindful Body, Teach and Return
Distance: 8 blocks and teach

Inspired by Wordsworth's beautiful poem, and looking for some cheer on a grey, blowy, wet day, I went searching for some lovely paintings of 'Daffodils' by well known artists. These are the only two I found.

1. Here's Vincent Van Gogh:

Vincent van Gogh, Bowl with Daffodils, (1886) Oil on Cardboard on Panel

2. Lucien Freud doesn't portray his daffodil in an uplifting manner either:

Woman with a Daffodil - Lucian Freud

Lucien Freud Woman with a Daffodil (1945) Oil/Canvas (at MoMa)

That's it from the internet. For some reason artists don't/didn't seem to get inspired by daffodils. Wonder why?

Anyway my real daffodils still bring MuCh cheer around here.

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