Monday, March 5, 2012

Sharing the Blog --- Day 58

Walk: Nothing yet but I anticipate R/T Mindful Body for yoga class and R/T Western Addition Library for book group. Distance: 26 blocksand yoga class

That I know of, I have a couple of readers, and I'm about to share my blog with a new friend. Such a simple thing to do yet so fraught.

What I do on these pages is a work in progress. On an on-going basis I write an homage to two things that have 'saved' and enriched my life: walking and San Francisco. My first entry (January 8) tells my reader about my connection with walking and my now spiritual walking companion, Zipper. From the time of Zipper on, walking has been a daily activity. It kept me sane at my unwanted boarding school, and at Connecticut College where my favorite destination was the Arboretum.

Then in New York I walked nearly daily from my apartment on 87th Street through Central Park to the Time/Life Building on 50th and 6th.
I also walked to and from work in Washington, DC - from Georgetown approximately 4 miles to Longworth House Office Building. I have to say that city walk was always the most amazing as virtually all the public buildings, museums and galleries were freely open to the public at that time, so everyday I was able to just stop in at the National Gallery, art galleries, and various embassies. I must have visited Renoir's 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' at the Phillips a hundred times - and never once did it fail to uplift.