Thursday, March 29, 2012

Motorin On -- Day 81

Walk: R/T Garage several times, Corte Madera Shopping Center
Distance: 1 mile

Fairly organized day started with --- Dead Battery. Goodbye organization. From then on it was basically catch up. To the point where I almost forgot this post.

I've always been a 'buy a (used) car and pamper it' woman. Several of my cars were in their late teens before they got so quirky I had to let them go. So I know a dead battery is a signal of pampering to come. I did the obvious and bought a new battery - with a 6 year guarantee. This follows a new timing belt (Expensive) a few months ago, so I've made my investment in the future of this car. On my way home from Marin I stopped at an Audi dealership to get an estimate on a new clutch which I think is the next pamper.

Yikes, you say - so expensive. But to me a new car is more so. Just the tax, registration and increased insurance costs are more than the battery, belt and possibly upcoming clutch. And then there's the emotional expense - letting go of a car friend, that's hard for people like me.

Many, many, many people think our type is nuts. Rent, get rid of the hassle, don't get attached, a car is just a way to get from one place to another, you get a chance to try a new type, technology changes so rapidly, etc, etc is how they reason. And certainly they are right. But my type doesn't care really. Plus I have a V-8 engine, stick shift, when the mechanic came today to start my car, he wanted to buy it, guys stop me at stop signs for the same reason, etc. This is fun! The car is fun, and the word is out on that. All this has happened with all my cars. Those of us who look at our cars this way are kind of a (little) club.

So the day was slated to go one way, and it did a hairpin turn. But that's okay; my car and I motored on.

(Not me but clearly a member of 'the club')

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