Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lily Marlene? Tiger Lily? .. Lily? Wildflower Name con't. Day 56

Walk: R/T Sacramento St. optical shop, Kabuki Theater, Mindful Body
Distance: 4 Miles and teach yoga class

As you may have read, I am not into naming things. But now I've seen the same plant I saw growing wild in Gerbode Valley growing in a sidewalk planter, so I'm getting more curious. With the long leaves, it must be some sort of lily, but when I check on line for 'orange lily' I don't see it.

Maybe the key word there is 'I' - when 'I' check on line. It could be there, and 'I' just can't find it.

Time to send a picture to a docent trainee friend who knows plants. If she comes back with an answer, I'll let you know.

Here it is again in the wild.

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