Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sleek Surfaces --- Day 2/10

Walk: Mindful Body
Distance: 8 Blocks and teach yoga class

Well, let us hope you will hear from ciwt and her cat tomorrow.  I had my tub and tile surround re-enameled today, and, yikes, had forgotten about the powerful fumes the process produces.  Windows cracked in every room as well door to deck.  Fingers crossed.

I can't help but think of those enamel workers living and working at and around the Louvre Palace when Louis XIV had moved the King's official residence from it to Versailles.  All those craft professions - enameling, gilding, varnishing, working with rock and saw dust, painting with lead based paints, and others - were so dangerous.  Lethal really. Many of the craftspeople to the King and aristocracy died young, and it took years before the most hazardous of these techniques were banned.  One wonders if the bans were honored absolutely; probably not.

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