Friday, January 25, 2013

Huge Life, Unfettered Spirit ---Day 2/20

Walk: Grace Cathedral
Distance: 2 miles

Spring, 1794
Maruyama Okyo (Japanese, 1733-1795) 
6 fold screen; ink, gold and silver on paper (detail)
From the George Gund III Collection at the Cleveland Museum
Remembering George Gund, 1937 – 2013 | Filmmaker Magazine

I like these quotes from the above column on George:.
Owners of professional sports teams are always interesting people. But I have never met one who dwelled in even the same hemisphere of unconventionality as Gund, who died Tuesday at age 75 in Southern California.

...However, Gund was also one of the most sincere and unpretentious people I've ever met, inside or outside sports. He would just as soon chat about hockey with the team mascot or a fan as with a fellow multimillionaire. Ultimately, that was Gund's saving grace.

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