Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes Predictions --- Day 2/8

Walk: Mindful Body/Trader Joe's/Laurel Village
Distance: 2.8 miles and take yoga class

So 'my' time of year has arrived - Film Award Time. Promoting myself to film critic for the day, I will now make my list of probable and hoped for winners of the Golden Globes movies tonight.

                        Hoped For                  Probable
Drama:           Argo                            Lincoln
Musical:         Silver Linings..           Silver Linings..
Director:         Affleck                       Spielberg
Actress/D:         ?                                   ?
Actor/D:         Day-Lewis                  Day-Lewis
Actor/M:        Black                           Cooper
Actress/M:     J. Lawrence                 J. Lawrence
 Actress:        Helen Hunt                   Helen Hunt
  Actor*:        Waltz                           Waltz    *They all deserve the award.  Maybe Waltz-Hoffman tie
Screenplay:    Kushner                       Kushner
Foreign:         Royal Affair                Amour
Animated        ?                                    ?
Song:             Skyfall                             ?
Score:            Life of Pi                     Lincoln

Hope Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are great as hostesses

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