Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birds and Brights II -- Day 2/135

Walk: Presidio and Mindful Body
Distance: 2 miles (Veerry slooowly, like bird watchers go) and teach yoga class

Went bird watching in my 'backyard,' the Presidio with a docent+ friend who has almost 2,000 birds on her life list.  In other words, she has been birding for a long time and is very knowledgeable.  It's the first time I've genuinely enjoyed birding: it was nearby, the weather was lovely, I was with someone who could tell me immediately what bird we were looking at and any lore about it.  No not seeing the bird, being with people who have contempt for you if you even ask what the bird is or any questions about it, freezing as I stand stationary in the howling wind as everyone else zeroes in with high powered telescopes on tripods, or flipping through pages of bird books trying to locate some brown and tan thing that has long since flown away.  We saw 12 species. More another day possibly.

Concluding (maybe) my brights thoughts which I know is a source of great interest to readers - or maybe just a ciwt momentary obsession.  I like colors very, very much.  Colors are often on my gratitude list.  But I'm finding this year of colorful clothes that many are so fully saturated they are hard to 'humanize' - at least for older (?), fairish skin and hair humans.  They never blend with you/me or with themselves. They stand alone and the energy of one color 'demands' to be met with the energy of another - from head to toe.

I think the 'problem' started with the brightly colored pants that are so available and pretty this year.  I'm learning that if I start with those as my 'foundation,' I must carry the energy all the way through.  I can't just throw in a neutral - or really even a black.  It's actually kind of interesting - and if I were K. Libbey Nash, I would probably master this - or sensibly know in advance the brights will win and they will demand to carry from head to toe and will be wearing me.  Or my head would need to change so I'm comfortable walking around in the day time with intense colors. It's like a statement hat: buying it is one thing, being comfortable wearing it is another thing.

This works:

So does this:

And this:

Actually, don't know what my concern is with 'older' people and brights:

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