Friday, May 17, 2013

Cheesy -- Day 2/131

Walk: Pacific Endoscopy Center/Laurel Village
Distance: 1 mile

So for about a year I've been starting my day with a gratitude list (awww) - first thing.  If I hadn't already written it today, cottage cheese would be right on it.

Don't know if he had such a list - he certainly had others - but Richard Nixon also famously liked cottage cheese.  That is, he didn't like cottage cheese, but he Loved it with ketchup on top.  This was a big scandal before we all learned what scandals really are.  "Cottage cheese and ketchup" people said, clucking their tongues and rolling their eyes.  I was too embarrassed to say I liked it too.  Now of course I would, but when you're really young, you keep such things to yourself - and wonder what everyone's problem is.

My list doesn't usually embrace things like cottage cheese.  I'm only allowed 10 items, its early(ish) in the morning and, you know, cottage cheese (?).  And it probably won't be on there tomorrow because I'll be on to other things.  But, it was the first thing I ate after an enforced 45 hour fast, and boy did it taste Great - even without ketchup.


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