Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Can Hear Music --- Day 2/132

Walk: Mindful Body, de Young Museum
Distance: 2 miles

Remembered tomorrow is Bay to Breakers, our crazy footrace where people come in elaborate costumes and, of course, used to race nude until times caught up with the race.  It will be impossible to get across town   to the de Young Museum to take in another viewing of the Rembrandt's Century show of etchings and other types of prints and works on paper.  So I raced over at the end of the day and had the show virtually to myself.

Communing with Rembrandt is an art lovers heaven.  The more you encounter him, the more deeply you are touched. By his hand, so 'pure,' delicate and expressive it is difficult to understand his works were done on plates with tools.  And by his humanity, the tenderness with which he portrays all of his subjects.  And of course by his magnificent virtuosity, mastery and inventiveness with all aspects of the printed medium.

His Strolling Musicians put me in mind of another touching group of musicians you can visit on the link below:

Rembrandt van Rijn, (Dutch), Strolling Musicians, 1685, etching

the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra 

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